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  • The Ricci’s Story.

    Just over 12 years ago, we were sitting in Ricci’s, our favourite little Italian café, when the owners came to our table and told us they were going to put the café on the market and retire. At the time, we were looking for a job where we could work together, and had explored B&B’s etc. but all of a sudden, here was what seemed like the perfect opportunity! – EXCEPT….

    One big ‘however’ – neither of us had done anything like it before! We both had good jobs, Sue in Finance, I in sales, but the owners said they would provide all training, and assured us we’d pick it up. Well, I was very sceptical, and a little worried. Family and friends thought we were crazy to give up our jobs, move to Bakewell, and take on Ricci’s. However, within a short time, it was all coming together. As 99% of the work is repetitive, it got easier and easier and, before we knew it, we were REALLY enjoying it, getting a buzz out of service, and huge satisfaction from good feedback from customers.
  • Since then, and after more than 12 years of running Ricci’s, we have experienced the dream! We’ve made many new friends, fitted in with the local community, and also we’ve had huge ‘feel good’ from the job. The business is, pound for pound, one of the best performing in town, and we’re proud we are the number one on trip advisor at the time of writing. It’s just so good to live and work in a special place like Bakewell, with all the benefits that brings.

    Yes, the work can be hard, as anyone who has been involved in catering will know, but when you work it out, you are in full control of how hard you work, and how much you make. There are also some boring times in winter, when the town is quiet. This is your opportunity to find time for yourselves. We have at least a month in the sun every year to recharge the batteries.  There have been very good rewards, both financially and socially, and we would NOT be selling up if it wasn’t for our ages. It’s time, for someone else to live this dream. 

    We will supply everything, from recipes, knowledge, buying and processes so this life can carry on for the new owners.

    We want the right people to look after our ‘baby’....... is that you?

    We took that leap of faith, and it was the best decision we've ever made.

    Could you make that leap??

    What are you waiting for?
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